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Former Mayor Madam Aki-Sawyerr pays her respects to bereaved families of yesterday’s flood

Former Mayor of Freetown Municipality Madam Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr has made a visit to the families of deceased persons who perished in events of yesterday's May 10th 2023 floods. The affected persons totaled at seven in just a day.

Madam Aki-Sawyerr made a stop at Garden community where a man had died as a result of a mudslide and proceeded to Bankole community at Cline town where seven people, a pregnant woman, a man and three children, had died.

In a statement issued by her, she lamented the loss of life and committed to continued advocacy on city planning, regulations, all leading to prevention of deforestation.

The Former Mayor has however received backlash for this and similar events from the oppositions and others who promote the argument that her work towards cleaning the city and preventing such disasters, have been inadequate to nothing noteworthy.

The Mayor is however the first official/recent or current to make a visit to the sites.


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