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Former military officer faces treason, murder charge 

Former Military Officer George Adams has been locked up at the Male Correctional Facility on Pademba Road in Freetown over a treason allegation. 

The accused is before Magistrate Santigie Bangura at the Pademba Road Court No. 2 in Freetown, and he is facing three counts charges of treason, misprision of treason and murder. 

Police alleged that the accused George Adams between the 11th and 26th November 2023 in Sierra Leone prepared to overthrow the Government of Sierra Leone by unlawful means.

The police further alleged that the accused between 5th to 26th November 2023, in Sierra Leone conspired together with unknown persons to overthrow the Government of Sierra by seizing and taking control of 5th battalion headquarters, Wilberforce Barracks, Cockrill, 3rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters, Sierra Leone Correctional Center in Freetown and Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) in order to overthrow and take control of the Government of Sierra Leone by unlawful means.

Adams is also accused of conspiring with other persons unknown to overthrow the Government of Sierra Leone by unlawful means, violently attacked, broke open the male and female correctional center in Freetown and unlawfully released inmates from the said centers.

Also, on diverse dates between 23rd to 25th November 2023, in Freetown  knowing that treason was committed by Amadou Koita Makalo , Leader boot, captain Jalloh, Sorieba Mansaray and other persons unlawfully concealed the commission of the said treason.

Police also alleged that the accused on 26th November 2023, at Pademba Road Correctional Center in Freetown murdered Obi Isaac Johnson.

Led in evidence by State Prosecutor Yusif Isaac Sesay, the first prosecution witness Sergeant 8904, Solomon Amadu who is attached at the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters testified that on the above date he was on duty when a case of treason was handed him for further investigation. 

Sergeant Amadu narrated that on Sunday 17 March, 2024, himself together with police constable 1717 Amara Dumbuya obtained an interview statement from the accused. The witness further testified that the caution statement was obtained by observing the Judges Rule. The statement in question was tendered in evidence. 

Witness Amidu continued that on Tuesday 30th of April, 2024, himself Amara Dumbuya obtained further caution statements from the accused by observing the judges rules.

‘On Wednesday 5th of June, 2024, we charged the accused with treason, misprision of treason and murder,’ Sergeant Amadu noted. The charge statement was tendered in evidence. 

The investigating officer revealed that during the course of the investigation the accused phone was retrieved from him and sent to the cyber unit for analysis. Cross-examination has been deferred. 

The accused was sent to prison and the matter was adjourned to Tuesday 9th November, 2024.


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