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Forty Women’s group condemns cyber bullying of Sierra Leone’s First Lady Fatima Bio

Forty women’s groups have released a joint statement condemning the utterances of social crusader Dr. John Idris Lahai which they say has equated overtime with cyberbullying.

According to the four pager release, the posting of the private pictures of the First Lady of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Madam Fatima Bio by Dr. John Idris Lahia, has crossed the line beyond professionally delving, to the private vendetta of an individual, beyond the natural discernibility of individuals.

The groups denounced the caricature of female members of Parliament, a caricature of empowerment drives of government institutions and the populace. This is a reference to a publication by Dr Lahai, relating to a female member of Parliament who inadequately communicated her positions concerning development plans in her district, given the endless mining opportunities within.

The groups called for the condemnation of utterances and social media occurrences with a requirement of higher standards for civil engagements and dialogues.

The whole situation had commenced when Doctorate Holder Idris Lahai had assumed the role of private investigator of fake degree holders, to auditor of financial exploitation and corruption. In recent weeks, Dr. John Idriss Lahai has taken to delving into the operations of the First Lady’s initiative of providing health care products for menstruation dubbed the “free sanitary pads” under the hands off our girls project.

This release by the forty women’s group is the pinnacle of backlash against the academic Doctor who has maintained that his crusade is still firmly tied to attaining the best for the Sierra Leonean people.


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