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Future Stars wins Sport for Sustainable Development Championship

Football having become a viable tool for many social development programmes, especially rallying youths and fostering unity, Sport for sustainable development, an organization which seeks to promote and support the activities of young people through the awareness of the sustainable development goals set-out by the United nations for 2030, has commenced a three day festival for youngsters at the parade ground.

The grand finale game was held at the parade grounds between Future Stars and Accrington football Clubs to the delight of spectators, ending goalless and making necessary spot kicks.

The goalkeeper of future Stars helped the team all throughout the shoot-out , ensuring they emerged as Champions after the spot kicks ended 4-1 to earn them the Champions Trophy.

According to the Co-founder of Sport for sustainable development Ibrahim Sesay , he was impressed with the style of football visibly demonstrated by Future stars and Accrington and added that the country is awash with raw talents who are ready to go places.

Sport for sustainable development remains hopeful that with the constructive engagement of young people in football, especially in the fostering of competition and unity despite competition, the mentality of youths would be positively enhanced before, during and after the June 24th general elections.


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