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German Government commits €10 million support to President Bio’s school feeding program

Cem Özdemir, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture for Germany has today pledged a €10million to the government of Sierra Leone as support towards the school feeding initiative of the government.

Minister Cem Özdemir made this pledge after President Bio's statement at the first United Nation's Food Summit in Rome, where he presented on the government's past efforts on education and its continuation, as well as the "feed salone" agenda since June 24th 2023.

President Bio had remarked on their success in feeding 800,000 pupils since 2018, with 80% of this program's budget sponsored by government and informed them of his plans to continue this drive on his second term.

The total money pledged by the German Government is €22million, with the remaining €12million to be allocated to Laos.


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