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Government of Sierra Leone conducts a self-evaluation of its activities in 2023

The Government of Sierra Leone during the first Weekly Press Conference for 2024 held by the Ministry of Information and Civic Education at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Conference Center at Tower Hill, Freetown, outlined activities carried out by their Ministries, Departments and Agencies in the just concluded year, as a self-evaluation. 

Chief Minister, David Moinina Sengeh, addressing the press remarked that his role as the Chief Minister is to ensure proper coordination between government and various ministries to ensure that The Big Five is completed successfully. 

To this end, he believed his government made immense achievements last year, such as the participation of the opposition party in electioneering activities and governance, which was initially challenged but resolved through peaceful mediation and a signed agreement, resulting in a smooth running of governance.

He stated that on the government's key focus , the Big Five, which was launched last year, they've been working tirelessly on the Feed Salone Project, which the Minister of Agriculture oversees, with a special focus on two policies: the Rice Value Chain Supply and the Institution Feeding Policy. These policies he furthered, aim to end the shortage and tighten the rice business, which is the country's staple food. 

Another key project of the government is the completion of the 8-kilometer Lungi Bridge which he considers a significant economic achievement that will reduce the expenses spent on traveling to and from the international airport and shorten the traveling distance for workers shuttling between Freetown, Lungi, and environs. He explained that on this, the government has signed an agreement for the project to encourage structural plans for the bridge. 

In finance, David Sengeh announced that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has supported Sierra Leone with USD 65 million to complete other development projects in the country, with hopes that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact, which the nation was successful above the average scorecard baseline, will create a pathway for many development projects, including the energy sector for further improvement. 

In the education sector, the government plans to appoint a Sierra Leonean as the Chairperson for the West African Council of Exams (WAEC). The government also aims to have 96% of students transition into senior school successfully and promises to try their best to reach 100%.


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