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Harbour Police Crack Down on Notorious Kush Dealers

In a strategic operation led by Operations Officer Inspector Alpha Umaru Jalloh, the Harbour Police Division have apprehended 28 years old Mamadi Kuyateh, fondly called Pause, from the Dock Yard community, in possession of eleven (11) sachets of pharmaceutical-grade Kush drug. 

Additionally, Abass Tarawallie, widely recognized as Chairman, aged 53 and residing at 24 Africanus Road, Total, located in the East end of Freetown, was also arrested with a significant quantity of Cannabis Sativa (jamba) without legal authorization.

Celebrated as Inspector Dragon for his reputation of bringing drug offenders to justice, Operations Officer Alpha Umaru Jalloh has earned acclaim for himself and the Sierra Leone Police through his unwavering commitment to combating the illegal drug trade within his jurisdiction. 

"The unwavering support from LUC Kpulun and the dedicated cooperation of my Operations Team serve as driving forces behind our continuous efforts to pursue drug traffickers in my assigned area," Operations Officer Alpha Umaru Jalloh said.

Both suspects, along with the seized contraband, are currently held in Police custody pending legal proceedings.


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