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Inaugural Women's Day Cup 2024 to be Held in Kenema City

The inaugural Women's Day Cup 2024 will commence in Kenema City on March 1st and will continue until March 8th, 2024.

Organized by the esteemed Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) and the renowned Ram Kay Foundation, this exhilarating tournament aims to celebrate the significant contributions of women in the realm of sports and coincides with the observance of International Women's Day.

Transcending the boundaries of mere matches and fierce competition, the Women's Day Cup serves as a potent platform for advocating gender equality and empowering women.

Sierra Leone's formidable National Female U17 and U20 squads will engage in captivating encounters against their esteemed Liberian counterparts, showcasing their remarkable talent and unwavering passion for football.

This international tournament fosters a spirit of unity and solidarity, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds through their shared adoration for the beautiful game of football.

Witnessing the exemplary skill, unwavering determination, and remarkable teamwork on the field promises to be a truly inspiring experience.

The Women's Day Cup endeavors to raise awareness regarding the pivotal role of female representation in sports and the ongoing struggle for gender equality.

By harnessing the transformative power of sport, this tournament aspires to inspire future generations of female athletes and contribute significantly towards a more inclusive and equitable society.


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