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Initial Investigations into the Olba Restaurant Fire

The Olba restaurant, situated on Lumley Beach Road, was engulfed in flames on Monday at approximately 02:00 AM, leading to widespread speculation regarding the cause of the fire. This speculation is primarily attributable to the recent demolition of recreational facilities along the beach, which has caused distress due to job losses for numerous individuals and revenue losses for business owners.

Speculations have centered around sabotage, retribution, and vindictive acts by aggrieved parties seeking to destroy the remaining establishments that have not been demolished. 

However, according to a source within the Fire Brigade, the fire was caused by an unattended Dutch stove. This conclusion was reached after preliminary investigations of the site and the pattern of burning.

The source further stated that, at present, the Fire Brigade is unable to determine whether the stove was deliberately left unattended as an act of sabotage or due to a genuine mistake.


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