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Kossoh town to unveil Players and Launch Fundraising Campaign Ahead of Murray Town Clash

Kossoh Tong Football Club will unveil its players and launch a fundraising campaign for the 2023 Central One Football Association Community League on Sunday, August 27, 2023 at 4:00 PM at the Eramus Cole Hall on Easton Street in Freetown. The team will then begin its Group G campaign against Murray Town on September 1 at the Parade Ground.

Kossoh Tong is hoping to start the season off with a win against Murray Town, a team that they defeated in last year's league. The two teams are known for their fierce rivalry, and this year's match is sure to be a close one.

The supporters of Kossoh Tong are hopeful that the team will have a better performance this year than they did last year. The team finished tenth place in last year's league, and they are looking to improve on that finish this year.

The match between Kossoh Tong and Murray Town is sure to be an exciting one. Both teams are evenly matched, and the match is sure to be a close one. The supporters of both teams are sure to be in full voice, and the atmosphere at the match is sure to be electrifying.


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