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Lawyer Sengbe-Marah seeks Bar presidency to combat compromises and rule of law violations

Lawyer Augustine Sorie Sengbe Marah, a legal practitioner of esteemed repute, has formally declared his candidacy for the esteemed position of President of the Bar Association. The election is scheduled to take place on May 17th and 18th, 2024.

Lawyer Sengbe-Marah's decision to vie for the presidency stems from his deep concern regarding the current state of justice in the country and the erosion of professional standards within the legal profession. He believes that political interests have compromised the integrity of the legal profession, diminishing its standing in the eyes of the public.

Lawyer Sengbe-Marah emphasized that these issues were identified by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) as significant contributing factors to Sierra Leone's civil war. Despite the efforts made since then, similar violations and disregard for the rule of law continue to prevail.

Lawyer Sengbe-Marah pledged to reclaim the Bar from partisan interests, asserting that his leadership will be guided by the principles of upholding the constitution and preserving democracy. He also committed to ensuring the welfare and well-being of fellow lawyers.

Currently, there are three candidates vying for the position of Bar President: Barrister Sengbe-Marah, Barrister Wara Serry-Kamal, and Barrister Tuma Gento-Kamara. The election promises to be a closely contested one, with each candidate bringing their unique vision and qualifications to the table.


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