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Mena Queens Suffers Heavy Defeat to FC Kallon Female in WPL

Updated: Mar 27

In the context of a Women's Premier League (WPL) encounter held on Tuesday, Mena Queens faced a resounding defeat at the hands of FC Kallon Female, suffering a decisive 6-0 loss at the Wusum Field.

The match was characterized by a notable disparity in performance, with FC Kallon Female displaying unwavering dominance throughout the proceedings.

The opening goal of the match was scored in the 22nd minute by Aminata Conteh, followed by a brace from Kumba Zainab Brima prior to the halftime interval.

Brima's goal-scoring prowess continued unabated in the second half, as she added two more goals to her tally.

The rout was completed with additional goals from Mamusu Tamu and Adama Kargbo, solidifying FC Kallon Female's emphatic victory.

This outcome was a significant setback for Mena Queens, who will undoubtedly seek redemption in their subsequent fixture.

Kumba Brima, affectionately known as Pele, maintained her extraordinary goal-scoring form, registering another impressive hat-trick against Mena Queens.

This remarkable achievement brought her total goal tally to 21 in just 11 matches, accompanied by seven accolades as Player of the Match.

Brima's exceptional performances on the pitch have established her as a formidable force to be reckoned with, inspiring awe and admiration among her peers and adversaries alike.


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