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Sierra Leone wins Hosting rights for 2024 Africa Scrabble Championship after Gold Medal Win

Updated: Mar 19

In a momentous development, the Republic of Sierra Leone has triumphed in securing the distinguished honor of hosting the esteemed 2024 Africa Scrabble Championship. This historic achievement marks Sierra Leone as the third West African nation to be bestowed with the privilege of organizing this prestigious tournament.

The nation's successful bid prevailed over that of the Republic of The Gambia, following a rigorous and competitive evaluation process. Scrabble enthusiasts, notably the esteemed National Scrabble Association of Sierra Leone (NSASL), have expressed unbridled excitement as they eagerly prepare to welcome the most accomplished Scrabble players from across the African continent.

In a remarkable achievement for the nation, Emmanuel King, the esteemed captain of the Sierra Leone National Scrabble Team, has clinched the coveted gold medal at the 2023 All African Scrabble Games Championship, which took place in the vibrant city of Accra, Ghana. This exceptional victory marks Sierra Leone's first medal at the ongoing Games.

Emmanuel's triumph is not only a significant milestone for the Scrabble community in Sierra Leone but also a testament to his unwavering dedication, skill, and strategic prowess.

From the 23rd to the 27th of October 2024, the charming capital city of Freetown, Sierra Leone, will be the esteemed venue for this highly anticipated championship. This event presents a golden opportunity for Sierra Leone to showcase its splendor on the international stage, not only through the battles of competitive Scrabble but also by highlighting its burgeoning tourist attractions and rich cultural heritage, including its thriving Scrabble community.

For those unfamiliar, Scrabble is a highly intellectual and engaging game enjoyed by countless individuals worldwide. Players engage in strategic word formation by placing lettered tiles on a game board, with the objective of scoring points based on the words created. Success in Scrabble requires a combination of strategy and a profound vocabulary.

The hosting of the Africa Scrabble Championship promises to be an invigorating week filled with exhilarating competition, profound cultural immersion, and an outpouring of national pride for Sierra Leone.


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