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Resumption of Construction for New Wilberforce Market by Freetown City Council

Updated: Mar 27

In a significant development, the Freetown City Council (FCC) has recommenced construction works for the new Wilberforce Market. The undertaking is projected to reach completion in June this year. The project serves the purpose of creating a modern and safe marketplace for merchants located in Wilberforce Village and the surrounding area. This initiative is fundamental in the endeavor to bolster the regional economy and alleviate traffic congestion.

On the 13th of March, a formal handover ceremony attended by the mayor, deputy mayor, councilors, the chief administrator, and FCC personnel marked the project's progress. The event consisted of the contractor receiving the remaining payment of NLe1.769 million to expedite construction activities. This signifies the council's resolute commitment to delivering the new market within the established timeframe, with the targeted completion date set for the end of May.

The architectural design of the multi-level new Wilberforce Market reflects a blend of functionality and community-centered consideration. The ground floor is allocated for vendors selling perishable goods, while  the second floor is designated for retail stores. Furthermore, the third floor will serve as a multipurpose community center, meeting the various needs of the local residents.

The project's financial resources are derived from property taxes and business license fees paid by Freetown residents. The mayor expressed profound appreciation to all citizens who have contributed to the market's construction, acknowledging their critical role in realizing the project.

As an extension of the FCC's comprehensive vision to transform Freetown, residents are implored to fulfill their civic obligations by promptly paying property taxes, business licenses, and local taxes. This collective effort will not only empower the city council but also pave the way for future development initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for all Freetown residents.


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