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Mighty Blackpool’s Chairman Rodney Michael extols SLFA Acting Secretary General Mohamed Benson Bawoh

The Chairman of Mighty Blackpool Football Club, Rodney Michael, has praised Mohamed Benson Bawoh, who is the acting Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), as exceptionally capable of handling pressure.

He made his disclosure after Bawoh's conduct during the SLFA Ordinary Congress after observing his handling of responsibilities given to him as acting General Secretary.

According to Michael, Bawoh, who came under fire from some members of the football community, maintained a calm demeanor and firmly persuaded members into agreement. This Michael commended since he was expecting an overreaction, but Bawoh exhibited maturity and good administrative potential.

Michael believes that this shows that Bawoh has the temperament and the skills to be a successful General Secretary of the SLFA.

Michael also noted that Bawoh has a strong background in football administration having worked with the SLFA for many years, and he has a deep understanding of the sport in Sierra Leone.

Michael believes that this experience will be invaluable to Bawoh if he is appointed as General Secretary.

Conclusively, Michael said that he is excited about the future of Sierra Leonean football under Bawoh's leadership.

He believes that Bawoh has the potential to help the sport to grow and to reach new heights in the country.

If Bawoh continues in this manner, the sky will be his limit. I am confident that he will be a great General Secretary for the SLFA.


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