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Minister Chernor Bah Urges Citizens to Disregard Rumors of Planned Protest and Engage in Normal Activities

Minister of Information and Civic Education, Chernor Bah, has urged citizens to ignore any rumors of planned protests on 17th & 18th January and continue with their regular activities. In his weekly press briefing, the Minister emphasized the importance of relying on accurate information from the Ministry of Information and Civic Education. 

"There is no scheduled protest for tomorrow. Therefore, we encourage all citizens to maintain peace and proceed with their usual activities. It is essential to rely on accurate information from the Ministry of Information and Civic Education," said the Minister. 

The Minister's statement seeks to address concerns and provide reassurance to the populace amidst widespread rumors and speculation regarding potential protests, especially after the popular online broadcasting medium "Wi Yard" issued a warning based on a tip from an informant. 

The call for tranquility and adherence to verified information from the Ministry underscores the government's commitment to upholding public order and dispelling unfounded rumors. Citizens are advised to heed the Minister's guidance and stay informed through official sources. However, some citizens have expressed distrust in the government's handling of issues of unrest and information dissemination, dubbing official channels as unreliable and politically skewed against national interests.


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