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Mohamed Kallon's U-17 Youth Football Tournament set to happen this coming November

Former Leone Stars captain and Inter Milan star Mohamed Kallon has announced that the inaugural edition of his U-17 Youth Football Tournament will take place from November 4 to 10 at the Angola Town Field in Goderich, Sierra Leone.

The tournament is aimed at developing young talent and providing a platform for them to showcase their skills. Kallon has expressed his excitement about the tournament and has called on all stakeholders to support the initiative. He believes that Sierra Leone has the potential to produce world-class footballers, and that the tournament will help to identify and nurture these talents.

The tournament is expected to attract teams from all over Sierra Leone. The top goalscorer will receive five quality boots, while the champion will receive more than 50 quality balls, the second place team will receive 30 balls, and the best player will receive five quality boots.

The tournament is sure to be a major event on the Sierra Leonean football calendar, and it will be interesting to see which teams and players emerge victorious.


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