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MPs broach subject of establishing Parliamentary Committee on China-Sierra Leone Friendship

The Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone, His Excellency Wang Qing, has assured the Deputy Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament, Honorable Ibrahim Tawa Conteh, and a visiting delegation that the Chinese Embassy is considering assisting the Sierra Leone Parliament with Mobile Offices for Lawmakers and Officers of the House. This offer comes as a response to a previous appeal by the former Speaker of Parliament, Honorable Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu, to address the office space challenge in constituencies.

During discussions encompassing bilateral ties between the two countries, economic and political cooperation, China-Africa solidarity, economic agreements, and the necessity for infrastructural development and transport facilities to enhance Parliamentary Oversight activities and national development, Deputy Speaker Honorable Tawa expressed gratitude to the Ambassador and the people of China for their support during the Ebola outbreak, the construction of the Foreign Affairs Ministry and Academy, and the rehabilitation of the National Stadium, among other initiatives.

Honorable Tawa also highlighted the essential role of Members of Parliament in sustaining the bilateral ties and appealed for the construction of a three hundred-seater auditorium in Parliament, with partitioned space for MPs and Staff of Parliament, as well as a bus to facilitate oversight activities of the House. Additionally, he conveyed appreciation for the construction of a market in his constituency/district.

The issue of exchange visits was deliberated, and a commitment was made to consider the planning, time, and financial aspects required to implement the Deputy Speaker's request, with a promise of immediate assistance for mobile offices for MPs and Staff before a permanent structure can be constructed.

In conclusion, Deputy Speaker Honorable Tawa assured the Ambassador of the intention to establish a Parliamentary Committee on China-Sierra Leone Friendship (PC-CSLF), marking a significant milestone in the history of the Sierra Leone Parliament.


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