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MPs Detain  EWRC Director General

Members of the Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Water Resources directed the detention of Emmanuel Manah, the Director General of the Electricity and Water Regulatory Commission (EWRC), and two other engineers of his institution for contempt of Parliament on Wednesday, May 8, 2024.

The Committee's Chairman, Hon. Musa Lahai, explained that summons were served on the institution's leadership but they failed to honor the Committee's summons on three occasions, thereby obstructing the Committee's desire to investigate a significant number of water producers in the country, as well as the quality, cost, and production of sachet and other water products that are in high demand by the public.

He expressed concern about the quality of some of the water products in the market, as well as the competence of the EWRC Management.

During the deliberation at the Administrative Building, Mr. Manah remained silent on his excuse for not honoring the Committee's invite and appeared disrespectful towards the MPs. Even when initially threatened with detention at the Parliament Police Station, he indifferently stated that he was not bothered even if he had to spend ten years in detention. He also heatedly argued that he was unable to present the water producers to the Committee as requested in the Committee's summons letter.

The MPs were enraged by Mr. Manah's utterances, exchanges, tone, and body language, prompting the Chairman to order his remanding at the Police.

Mr. Manah was escorted to the Parliament Detention Facility, where he spent several hours confined.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Rita Sesay, Clerk of the Committee, announced that Emanuel Manah and his cohorts had been released upon the intervention of the Speaker.

She stated that Mr. Manah and his team were to reappear before the Committee on Monday, this time with the water producers and the relevant documents requested by the Committee members.

A Senior Parliamentary Officer remarked that "the individual was exceedingly arrogant, but was suitably humbled by Hon. Musa Lahai, who demonstrated an exceptional level of maturity in managing Mr. Manah and his associates."

Mr. Manah was quoted as saying: "Please convey my apologies to the Members of the Committee for the misunderstanding that occurred today."


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