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Musu Gendemeh caught stealing a child

Updated: Mar 27

Authorities have apprehended a young woman accused of stealing a child whilst dressed as a nurse. The incident occurred yesterday during the afternoon hours at the Princess Christian Maternity Hospital, located at Fourah Bay road, in the east end of Freetown.

According to on-scene narrations, she was roaming the corridors of the hospital, taking children to and from different points for almost three days and no one had suspected anything was amiss until she was on her way out of the grounds.

The gate security personnel unsatisfied with her reason for taking the child out of the grounds, alerted others and she was caught.

Upon further questioning, it was discovered that she wasn’t a medical staff of that facility or any other.

Research exposed that the woman is one Musu Gendemeh previously residing in Kenema and was a goalkeeper of Jam-Jam FC, a known female team in Kenema.

Reasons for her actions are still unknown.


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