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Police questions Musicians, Kontri Boss And Kass in relation to the Death of Arata

Police in Sierra Leone have detained for questioning, two Artists, Edward Wright, with Artist name of Kontri Boss and Soloman Kass-Marrah, known as Kass of the LXG group, in relation to the death of notorious area man ‘Arata’, known as Alouysh Deen Tarawally.

Arata, died after sustaining major injuries inflicted by a crowd who carried out mob justice on him, for allegedly trying to rob a tricycle in broad daylight.

According to reports, Eddie, who is the owner of the tricycle was called in for questioning on these facts yesterday 17th September 2023 and Kass had accompanied him to make statements.

It was ascertained that Eddie, whose name was on documents as the owner, had purchased the tricycle for his mother, who has also been called in to give a statement.

The Lawyer of the Artists, Barrister Mohamed Sow is working to secure their release today.


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