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Polish international goalkeeper Piotr Kwasniewicz donates to AS Elite Goalkeeper Academy

Polish international goalkeeper Piotr Kwasniewicz has donated 50 footballs to the AS Elite Goalkeeper Academy in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The donation will help the academy to provide more opportunities for its students to practice and will also help to cover the costs of the academy's programs, which are funded entirely by donations.

Kwasniewicz said:

I am happy to support the AS Elite Goalkeeper Academy, believing that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their dreams, and I hope that my donation will help these young people to achieve their goals

The academy's trainer, Idrissa Kallon, thanked Kwasniewicz for his generosity:

This donation is a huge help to us and it will allow us to provide even better training to our students and help them to reach their full potential.

The academy, founded in 2022, provides training to children and young adults who aspire to become professional goalkeepers. It is one of the few football academies in Sierra Leone that offers specialized training for goalkeepers. The academy's coaches have extensive experience in the game, and they are committed to helping their students develop the skills and techniques they need to succeed. The academy has produced several talented goalkeepers who have gone on to play professionally in Sierra Leone and abroad. The academy's graduates include Abdulai Mansaray, who is currently the goalkeeper for the Sierra Leone national team.

Kwasniewicz's donation is a significant boost for the Elite Goalkeeper Academy. It will help the academy to continue providing high-quality training to its students and help them to achieve their dreams of becoming professional goalkeepers.


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