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Political parties decide on rallying come June elections' campaign

Political Parties have decided not to rally come June 24th 2023 Presidential elections. This agreement was arrived at on Monday 27th March at the Political Parties liason meeting held by Political Parties Regulation Commission for all seventeen political parties in light of June 4th Elections.

The question regarding the need for rallies was posed to them in the process of devising ways to minimize opportunities for violent occurrences which are likely to take place during electioneering and campaign periods and banning rallies was heatedly debated.

Fifteen of the seventeen political parties are said to have agreed with the exception of the Sierra Leone's People's Party and the All People's Congress who both raised concerns relating to the security for the location of convergence, the impact on local trading activities different from previous years and celebrating their party stalwarts.

In response, the PPRC stated that ample security will be made present by the Sierra Leone police to protect locations, smaller groups moving to destinations and a small convoy moving to the location.

According to PPRC, another meeting will be held soon with fully compliant parties (fully registered and operational) to discuss implementing this agreement especially to decide on maximum people and vehicles allowed per procession at a time.

According to the Communications' head Lucien Momoh, all seventeen parties agreed to the ban of rallies during campaign period for the 2023 Presidential elections slated for June 24th.


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