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President Emerita of KDU Madam Cassandra Garber GOOR JP endorse Yvonne Aki-Sawyer’s re-election bid

Madam Cassandra Garber GOOR JP, President Emerita of the Krio Descendants Union has recently endorsed the re-election agenda of Madam Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr for Freetown and called on all Krios to support her to achieve her goal.

She made public her endorsement in a newsletter called the KDY Oracle.

This endorsement by Madam Garber GOOR who’s a respected leader and an influential voice in the Krio community is seen as a significant boost to Madam Aki Sawyer's campaign.

In her endorsement, Madam Garber GOOR praised Madam Aki Sawyer's “transform Freetown” campaign and states that the Krio community is pleased with the former Mayor’s first term performance.

Madam Garber GOOR also emphasized the importance of supporting a leader who understands the needs and aspirations of the Krio community.

Madam Aki Sawyer announced her decision to contest for re-election symbolically on International Women’s day on March 8th and over her first tenure had focused on transforming Freetown for a better future for the city and its residents.

As the election approaches, Madam Garber GOOR's endorsement is expected to energize and mobilize the Krio community, a huge part of the Freetown population, to support Madam Aki-Sawyer's rerun for the mayor of Freetown.


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