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Prezo Koroma reports to CID, Foryoh and Medlenero of Black Leo for threatening his life

Ibrahim Koroma, known as Prezo Koroma, has filed an official complaint at the Criminal Investigations Department, a special division of the Police Force, against Emmanuel Foryoh Rogers (musician Artical Foryoh) and Medlenero, member of the Black Leo crew, for allegedly threatening his life and attempting to carry the threat out.

According to Prezo, on Wednesday the 30th May 2023 at the Ministry of Tourism's vicinity, one Medlenero known to be a member of Black Leo, a rap label and crew, had confronted him with a knife for allegedly disrespecting their crew members.

According to Prezo Koroma's narrations, this was done in full view of media practitioners.

On the advice of his lawyers and relatives, he had gone to make a report of the incident.

He says at the further behest of his lawyer, he had been directed to make complaint of other threats publicly made on him by Artical Foryoh who promised to "handle" him whenever they come across each other.

The two former friends had had a falling out after Prezo Koroma had tongue lashed Foryoh for aligning with Kao Denero, a known nemesis of rapper Laj, after he Foryoh had acted as a close friend of Laj too, as stated in the above video.

This allegation of switching sides and snitching had led to the unfavorable branding of Foryoh, a thorn in his side, even now.

Prezo Koroma has however declared that if further attempts are made on his person, he will be forced to defend himself by any means necessary.

Neither Black Leo nor Musician Foryoh have addressed the allegations and subsequent reporting made to the police.


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