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Richie Obama wins SLAAM's Best Comedian

Richmond Purcell Coker known as Comedian Richie Obama has won the Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians(SLAAM) award's for best Comedian for 2023, in the just concluded award held on 2nd June, 2023 in America.

One of the new school type of Comedians, he has been making ways in his craft and controversies on social issues.

A graduate to boot, he is a staff of the National Revenue Authority with his Comedy as a second stream of income and specialization.

From a successful show, to back to back hosting of events, his name is easily one of the best in the industry.

Richie recently made two headlines when he announced the completion of a house for his parents and for a remark made relating to Guinness record hold Nigerian Chef Hilda, which had been considered sexist.


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