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Security Forces Apprehend Person of Interest At Murray Town

In a recent development, a brief shooting incident occurred around Murray Town Ordinance earlier today. Sources report that the incident was part of a strategic operation by the security forces to capture a person of interest who had been on the run since Sunday's incident. As per military sources, that individual has now been apprehended and is currently in detention.

Furthermore, there was a noticeable presence of soldiers in the Kingtom area, causing some panic among residents. This deployment was in response to the escape of several prisoners on Sunday, believed to be hiding within the slums surrounding the area.

Security forces have asked the public to remain composed and avoid unnecessary panic, as such reactions can create further challenges. “We urge everyone to stay calm and approach the situation with a level-headed mindset”.

Authorities concerned have assured that the security forces are actively engaged in bringing the situation under control, with a focus on ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents.


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