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Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast partner to develop Dodgeball in Africa

The Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association and the Ivorian Dodgeball Federation have committed to developing dodgeball in Africa by partnering together. This partnership is a positive step forward for the sport, as it will help to raise awareness, encourage more people to get involved, and develop the infrastructure and resources needed to support dodgeball in the two countries.

Abdul Kassim Tejan, President of the Sierra Leone Dodgeball Association, visited Yao Marie Josiane, President of the Ivorian Dodgeball Federation, where they shared common values on how to further promote dodgeball on the continent. Yao Marie thanked President Kassim for making the visit and extended a kind gesture by donating dodgeball equipment to him. President Kassim praised the development strides that Yao Marie and her team are making to grow the game in Ivory Coast.

The two parties are confident that this partnership will be successful in promoting dodgeball in Africa. Yao Marie was also excited to see how dodgeball develops in Sierra Leone and Ivory Coast in the coming years.


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