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Sierra Leone Boxers Prepare for Paris 2024 Qualifiers

A team of Sierra Leonean boxers is preparing to compete in the Paris 2024 boxing Africa qualifier in Senegal. The qualifiers will be held from September 9-16 in Dakar, and the top boxers from each weight class will qualify for the Summer Olympics in Paris next year.

The Sierra Leonean team includes a mix of experienced and up-and-coming boxers. Sara Haghighat Joo, who is also a Canadian citizen, is one of the most accomplished boxers on the team. She is a top-notch boxer with several international medals.

The boxers received a send-off from the Minister of Sports, Madam Augusta James Teima, at her Bishop House Office. The minister wished the boxers good luck and expressed her confidence that they would do well in the qualifiers.

The Secretary General of the Sierra Leone Boxing Association, Alhaji Komba, thanked the Ministry of Sports and the National Sports Authority for their support. He said that the support has been instrumental in the team's preparations for the qualifiers.

The boxers are confident that they can qualify for the Summer Olympics. They have been training hard and are determined to make their country proud.


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