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Sierra Leone handball team prepare for match in Mali

The Sierra Leone Handball Association say they are preparing for Mali Handball challenge trophy.

Speaking, the Treasurer of the Sierra Leone Handball Association Hassan Munu, says that the handing body in Sierra Leone is currently having an intensive training sessions for female players at the Old School training centre ahead of the Handball Challenge Trophy expected to stage in Mali this month.

He continued that the players are technically positioned by the technical team to upset teams in Mali and also improve the status of the country in so far as Handball is concerned on the continent.

He explained that barring financial difficulties, the team will be present and performing in the challenge, with hopes of very impactful points and experience.

Meanwhile, the players who were present during the session at the Old School centre demonstrated their commitment to learn and a spark a winning mentality in the camp.

In respect to the question of qualification, Munu revealed to this medium that the competition is Mali is essentially to the Handball team and the nation as a whole.


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