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Sierra Leone Police chides Amnesty International for a “biased report”

The Sierra Leone Police in a press release issued on 24th March 2023, has chided Amnesty International for what they view as a biased report, which had blamed the security sector for the death of twenty six citizens during the 10th August protest.

The report from Amnesty International had alleged that disproportionate use of force during and in the wake of the three days protest (8-10th) had led to escalation of violence and disregard of human rights in pursuit of suspects and arrested individuals.

The police release debunked the allegation that the use of force was disproportionate to the situation and furthered that it was necessary and reasonable.

The release accused Amnesty International of failing to report on how civilians murdered unarmed police officers and this omission the police deems as partial and insensitive.

The police release promised adherence to local and international law, as well as human rights dictates.


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