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Sierra Leonean Forward Augustus Kargbo Soars at Cesena FC

Sierra Leonean football fans can rejoice as their talented Forward, Augustus Kargbo, is making good progress at the Italian club Cesena FC. Kargbo, known for his electrifying pace and dribbling skills, joined Cesena in the summer of 2023 and has been steadily adapting to the Italian game. 

Despite initially struggling to adjust to the different playing style and culture at Cesena, Kargbo has been putting in extra hours to learn and improve his game. His dedication and work ethic have impressed coaches and teammates alike. Kargbo has made several appearances for Cesena's reserve team, showcasing his skills and contributing to their positive performances. 

He has even earned some first-team training sessions, catching the eye of head coach Domenico Toscano. Toscano believes that Kargbo has a lot of potential and can make a real contribution to the team in the future. 

Kargbo's progress at Cesena is a source of pride for Sierra Leoneans as he is seen as one of the country's brightest footballing prospects. 

His success in Italy could pave the way for other young Sierra Leonean players to pursue professional careers abroad. With hard work and dedication, Augustus Kargbo looks set to soar even higher at Cesena. 

His comfort and confidence on the pitch are a testament to his talent and resilience. Sierra Leonean football fans can eagerly await the day he bags his place in major honours with the Cavallucci Marini.


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