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Sierra Leonean volleyball Star Ishmail Bangura excels in America

Sierra Leonean volleyball Star Ishmail Bangura has registered an impressive start to his Goshen College Athletics Program in the United States of America.

The former Super Six strongman won two awards in the Wolverine Hossier Athletics Conference (WHAC) with the all-conference being his first award and later the freshman of the year for the second award.

Ishmail 27 relocated to the United States of America in January of 2023 and enrolled at the Goshen College Athletics Program. Due his impeccable skills he has emerged as the second best player in the history of Goshen College to record 20 plus kills back-to-back and he is leading his colleagues as the overall point maker with a total of 299 kills.

Prior to his US career development, Ishmail has represented Sierra Leone in more than fifteen International tournaments including the qualification to the world championship in Hamburg, Germany in 2019.

In a delightful mood from his apartment in the US, Ishmail Bangura, revealed to this Medium that his sense of pride in representing Sierra Leone is out of this world and the prospect of spurring up aspiring Volleyball players to emulate his shining examples on the International stage is his goal.

He added that the drive to succeed amongst players who have the wherewithal to thrive was not an easy one but he noted that where determination prevails, failure can never dismantle the flag of success.

Ishmail Bangura, maintained that his life-long dream of becoming a professional volleyball star is perfectly tailored on a winning frame of mind as time will write the final script in every endeavour.

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