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SLAAM awards call for nominations for their 8th edition

The Sierra Leone Association of Artists and Musicians have announced the opening of procedure for their eighth award edition by calling for submissions of nominations. The association made the announcement on 10th April, the date of commencement for nominations.

The submission of nominations will last until the 23rd April, 2023.

This year brings a lot of changes, including the cutting down of categories, key among them are the categories for best supporting actors and actresses and that of best producer. The association is however introducing a new category, the Best Intl/ Foreign Music.

According to the founder of SLAAM, Giileh Kebbie Scholz, the nominations submitted will better informed the final categories put up for awarding.

The award slated for 2nd June will be honoring lifetime achievements of Dennis Nelson Streeter and Josephine Kamara among others.


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