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SLFA organizing a youth tourney to mark Independence Day

The Sierra Leone Football Association Youth football Coordinator Alimamy Kurish Conteh has made known his intentions to significantly develop the amateur game through a football festival for both under 13 and 17 teams on 27th April 2023, a date that coincides with the Country's Independence Day at the Murray town field.

This he hopes will enhance efforts to promote the development of youngsters in football across the country.

According to the Youth Coordinator Alimamy Kurish Conteh, the tourney will create a platform to further streamline the progress of Sierra Leone football with emerging footballers nurtured via several means, one of which might be this event.

He went on to say that the future of Sierra Leone football rests with youthful players who possess the zest to excel personally, professionally as part of a unit.

He concluded that he is expecting to see the commitment of the under 13 and 17 teams for a successful execution of these expressed goals.


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