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Freetown’s SLPP Mayoral Candidate Mohamed Kamara Retires from Politics, reshifts Focus to Business

In a recent interview on Radio Democracy 98.1 FM, Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP) 2023 Mayoral Candidate, Mohamed Gento Kamara, made a surprising announcement. Kamara declared his decision to step away from politics, expressing his disillusionment with the field and stating that he no longer sees himself participating in any future elections.

"The fight and backstabbing is something I can't stand. Politics is not for me," Gento stated emphatically during the radio interview. His disappointment and frustration with the political landscape have led him to once again shift his attention towards his personal business ventures.

According to Mr. Kamara, he had conceded to Mayor Aki-Sawyerr in a congratulatory call, despite his conviction that he had been elected by Freetownians, citing the overwhelming silence in the aftermath of the announcement of the results, but he maintained that his acceptance was born of a need to protect the peace of the city.

Having been an active member of the SLPP in the last general elections and a prominent figure in local politics, Kamara's departure marks a significant change in his career trajectory. As he embraces this new chapter, he plans to concentrate on his business endeavors while leaving behind the demanding nature of political life.

Gento's decision may come as a surprise to his supporters and colleagues within the party. Nevertheless, he remains firm in his conviction that his talents and passions lie outside the realm of politics, where he believes he can make a greater impact.


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