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Speaker of the HoP Abass Bundu seeks public forgiveness whilst clarifying Parliamentary position on recent events of Corruption

Dr. Abass Bundu, Speaker of the House of Parliament has tendered an apology to the people of Sierra Leone for recent issues of corruption revolving around Parliamentary members, especially the Clerk and the Speaker of the House.

The Speaker stated his awareness of the optics of a lapse in the conduct of their activities, which he committed to enhancing moving forward.

On the contrary we should all apologise to the people of this country whose trust and confidence we bear and on whose behalf we act in this Well as their representatives. By the same token, we want to take this opportunity to express our collective regret and to ask for their forgiveness; we promise that we shall never again commit the grievous mistakes of the recent past.

He likened his role in the house to that of a referee whose duties are to all parties in the House.

He assumed responsibility for the recent debacle involving the Public Service Commission, being the head of it and encouraged inclusion for better administration.

He concluded by clarifying that contrarily, his role as Speaker and head of the commission isn't at odds with the Clerk who serves as the Secretary of the PSC but rather complements the other's work.

This statement seeks to address the highly speculative debate of an ongoing power struggle between the Speaker and the Clerk himself, leading to the unraveling of recent events in the House of Parliament.


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