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The "rebirth" of Kontri Boss

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Kontri Boss is a renowned hitmaker, both as a songwriter for himself and others. His experience and talent are evident in the Rebirth album, which features a diverse range of genres and is set to be released on September 29th at Citadels Levels VIP Nightclub. The album was recorded under the Survivor music label.

The album features 20 tracks, including dance, R&B, traditional, and hip hop songs. It kicks off with the conscious vibes of "Bless My Hustle," a borderline dance tune that reflects on the struggles of life and hopes for blessings. This theme of consciousness directing decisions towards glorious outcomes is replicated in the tracks "Ar Not Meet Up" and "Believe (feat. Keyler Voice)." These songs allow for listening, while putting one in a hopeful mood that can only be attained by musical deftness.

The rhythmic melodies of "My City," "The Boss (Ling and Loss)," "Nobody Holy (feat. Kass)," "Crush My Soul," "No Turning Back," "Ur Waist (feat. Arkman)," "Go Insai Posin," "Butterfly," and "Time Dae Go" are all of a similar vibe of partying, good feelings, playfulness, and love, intertwined. None is of a singular concept, but listening to or dancing to any of them puts you in a good mood that will last. A skillful mix of right ideas, lyrics, and beats, efficiently done.

Kontri Boss's songwriting gift is exhibited in his love and emotive songs on this album, in the tracks "In Dilemma (feat. Dom B)," "Odeyewu (feat. Kontorfili)," "Fine Baby (feat. Dom B)," "Zongo," "Kill a Man," "Mona Lisa," "Buy and Sell," and "Time Dae Go." Each uniquely communicates the expression of a part of love, be it the sensual, the hunger for companionship, and its accompanying sacrifice. The strongest emotion is smoothly narrated by Kontri Boss and co., for a different crowd within minutes.

Despite trying to be fair while listening to all the songs, I am drawn to tracks 3 ("Boss"), 4 ("Nobody holy"), and 10 ("Crush My Soul"), which have dissimilar vibes at different paces. If I were asked to select one, I would have to choose track 3. It is my kind of vibe, however, most people will likely relate to track 4, a concept reminding of the imperfections of humanity, in a relatable Sierra Leonean slang theme, mixed with biblical anecdotes.

Overall, the Rebirth album is a well-crafted work that showcases Kontri Boss's talent as a songwriter and musician. It is sure to please fans of all genres.


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