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Three Arrested in Fourah Bay Community for Alleged Possession of Kush

In a successful operation led by Inspector Alpha Umaru Jalloh, the Head of the Operation Unit at Ross Road Harbor, three individuals were apprehended on Tuesday, October 17th, 2023, in Fourah Bay community.

Head of the Operation Unit at Ross Road Harbor
Inspector Alpha Umaru Jalloh

The suspects, identified as Mabinty Conteh and Osman Kamara and one other, were found in possession of a significant quantity of what is believed to be the illicit substance known as Kush.

Following crucial intelligence received, the operation was swiftly executed, with officers utilizing a vehicle registered under the number SLP 215. During the raid, 36 wrapped ties of suspected Kush were seized from Mabinty Conteh, while Osman Kamara was found with 90 wrapped ties of the same substance.

The suspects, along with the confiscated evidence, were subsequently transferred to the Investigation Team at the Criminal Investigations Department located in Ross Road, Freetown. They will undergo further investigation to determine the full extent of their involvement in the alleged drug-related activities.

This successful operation highlights the ongoing efforts of law enforcement agencies in Sierra Leone to combat the illegal drug trade and maintain the safety and well-being of communities. The Sierra Leone Police Force believes they remain committed to ensuring peace and security throughout the country by diligently enforcing anti-drug laws and bringing perpetrators to justice.


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