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Top new audio and video releases

  1. Souferior’s Free we

Rapper Souferior has released his latest single titled ‘’free we’’ which was symbolically released on independence day featuring his prodigy Mishad. The song decries the national situation of difficulties emanating from differences in living based on affiliations. With lyrics outlining hate, poverty and jealousy, it is small wonder the song is already being hailed with over 440,000 plays in two weeks on audiomack only.

2. Wisher Baby’s high voltage video

A diss track through and through, Wisher baby just released a vibe song in which she attacked other female rappers who are claiming the title of Queen. Rappers such as Jelly, Zaine Zilla, Amiza and Mum. It is safe to say the song destroys all names mentioned and the talk already is who will be brave enough to respond. Oh, yes, the video is standard too.

3. Kassim De Wizard’s Stubborn academy’s video

Released just days ago, the song is trending on social media platforms and steadily moving mainstream. The song which started out as a cover, bloomed into a banger featuring Salone’s best rapper Kracktwist and introducing Boyzee Krish. The feel good video is standard and easy to put on repeat.

4. Medee T’s Say my name video

Released five days ago, the bopping hip hop song is one of the tracks off the self obsession album put out in February and it features Am-babe. The video showing a romantic scene between two lovers speaks of the looks and mannerism of a man’s new interest. Already it is trending on tiktok, the favored platform for entertainers.

5. Jakey Jake’s heartbreak song

From the miracle album, released twelve days ago, the song is one of dedication to experience love despite past mistakes. Apology, acknowledgement, promises to do better, it is a heart tugging one. The vibe and style is not a typical Sierra Leonean one which gives it exactly the spice it needs to make it an original sound, now unique to rapper Jakey Jake.


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