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Top new audio and video releases 16th-23rd May

  1. Rahim Sahid’s Favor audio-

Released two days ago, this easy amapiano sound with relatable lyrics is about necessary hard work instead of entitled expectations making the song easy to appreciate. Rahim featured rapper Laj on a verse with lines about making money without worrying about other’s efforts and problems. This song is fit for most moods.

2. Abizzy’s Burn music video-

Released three days ago, this song has great potential. The song is about a man mesmerized by a woman’s wiles and seductiveness. The man makes promises of sexual satisfaction if the woman would only succumb to his requests. With its afro-dancehall vibe and catchy chorus, it can be one of the holiday sounds.

3. Kaley Bag’s Burthy music video-

A fast paced dance song about a wild encounter between the opposite sex with equal determination to have a good time. Kaley admires the transformation a particular woman has undergone since he last saw her and accepts the challenge of winning her for their encounter but he questions her readiness. The translated word of sweetness “burthy” is felt all through with the well rhymed lyrics and vibe.

Song title translates to “it’s over/it’s done” and starts off with a heavy beat that commands attention. With the rapper’s lyrics about her being a conqueror of all including poverty and backstabbing, to become her new self, it keeps you enthralled until the end. With her control of her Mende language in rapping, which is her brand, the song is a banger and more. With its featuring of a strong singer named Deeno Jay, it balances off the mood for those who aren't necessarily hip hop fans but would find this sound edgy.

5. LXG’s Dem say music video-

As the election draws near, the sensitization songs pile up. This song released two days ago is about fake news and the use of the iverify platform of Sierra Leone Association of Journalists. This awareness song is however different. It passes the well meaning messages about cross checking information gotten from especially social media but with catchy not easily forgotten lyrics. With the hopping, bopping beat and the feature of rapper Empress Pee, it makes you keep repeating unconsciously.

6. WinnerMan and Isat’s give me love song-

This song is about love interests speaking to themselves about their feelings and how true their love is. They both sing about the ends they’ll go to prove their feelings and how touched they are by how the other expresses their love towards them. With a danceable beat and the voice of both, the song is pleasing to the ear.

7. Daddy Rhymes album-

Daddy rhymes has released an album after a long hiatus and it is worth listening to. It is interesting how he remained true to his known sound without staying outdated. The whole album keeps you feeling good in a relaxed way to vibe or dance at will. All of the songs are good for a warm up or lull time at any event but only “come hold me” can be termed as banger level good. The instrumentals for the album is commendable and the beats on the whole album though very similar on most songs, is slightly different to not the album seem as one music.

8. Slezzy’s “my story” music video-

Another sensitization song about no violence and the interrelations of society. He reminds of the problems of violence and its long lasting impact. He advises against allowing money to motivate one’s action to incite harm from themselves or others. He reminds us that love and unity can carry citizens through negative actions. With its reggae beats, it gets you to listen to the lyrics and vibe, allowing one to pay close attention to the message. Definitely worth listening to.


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