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Top new audio and video releases

  1. Menace De General’s ‘’na dae de oil dae’’ audio

Seems as if the last one year has been super amazing for rapper Menace the general with his back to back wins in the entertainment industry. The rapper has released five songs since his sold out event six months ago and this latest is just what is expected of him. MDG as he is known released the ultimate vibe and party song titled as above and has gathered 3000 views in a week. With lyrics outlining preparations for a night out on the town, the night scene and his disregard for the fact that the night might cost him exceedingly financially, it puts the listener in a happy mood with not a care in the world.

2. QD’s Ar lek you audio

Easygoing and fresh, the song by the ‘’ South MostWanted’’ brings to mind a new love affair with all the warm fuzzy feelings. With Producer Thy Young doing his flawless work, the song quickly endears. Released two weeks ago, the views are yet to pick up but with how it sounds, it will be easy to turn into a known banger.

3. Don Creek’s Bounce audio

The star studded single featuring artists Don Mystiq, Boss LAJ, Rahim D Wezard, StarZee, Colabo, Daddy Gizzy, Mus B and Eddie Jay is already shaping out to be a street favorite, with punchlines about haters being revealed by their actions, people acting superior but when in reality they can’t compete and how each of them is stacking up on money. Safe to say even the singers over delivered with catchy lyrics that will have you sitting up and replaying.

4. Markmuday’s Duniafu

Beats, lyrics and delivery flawlessly done. Released four days ago, the song deserves to be listened to in any mood. It speaks to the inequalities experienced by the majority of people and the lack of support given to deserving people, even by family. The singer reminds people to check on loved ones and not wait for death.

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