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Tourist Board issues warning on Noise Pollution at Lumley Beach

The Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, alongside the National Tourist Board, has identified a growing concern regarding noise pollution emanating from establishments along Lumley Beach.

These once tranquil beach bars and restaurants have transformed into vibrant nightclubs, leading to excessively loud music that disturbs nearby hotels and other hospitality facilities. This behavior directly contravenes established beach policy guidelines and the venerable Public Order Act of 1965. The unabated playing of deafening music not only disrupts the peace but also compromises the tranquility of the surroundings.

Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs have issued a stern warning to all operators of beach bars, nightclubs, and related establishments. These establishments are instructed to promptly cease all loud music activities by 2:00 AM to avoid severe consequences. The National Tourist Board emphasizes that failure to comply with this directive may result in the closure of non-compliant venues.


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