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Triumph of Sierra Leone's Queens in the Women's Day Cup Opener

In observance of International Women's Day 2024, Sierra Leone's National Under-20 Women's Football Team, also known as the Sierra Queens, made a remarkable debut in the prestigious Women's Day Cup on March 2nd.

The Sierra Queens demonstrated their fortitude and exceptional football skills throughout the match, securing a thrilling 2-1 victory against their counterparts from Liberia.

Kumba Z Brima, the standout player for Sierra Leone, showcased her prowess by scoring the opening goal in the 16th minute and doubling the team's lead with a penalty in the 48th minute.

Despite Liberia's valiant effort, which resulted in an own goal by Mabel Gbongay in the 80th minute, the Sierra Queens maintained their dominance and ultimately triumphed.

This impressive performance augurs well for the Sierra Queens as they embark on their journey in the Women's Day Cup, raising hopes for further victories and a successful tournament.


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