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Tuma Adama Jabbie's Candidacy Declaration for Sierra Leone Bar Association Presidency

On a recent weekend, Tuma Adama Jabbie formally announced her candidacy for the presidency of the Sierra Leone Bar Association. This announcement intensifies the anticipation of what is poised to be one of the most significant competitions in the organization's recent history, with the potential to reshape governance and legal adherence within the country. Barrister Jabbie, who has accumulated nearly fourteen years of experience on the bench, bases her campaign on the slogan "Raise the Bar."

Scheduled to take place on May 17th in Kenema, this year's Bar presidency election has garnered considerable attention, attracting a multitude of esteemed legal practitioners vying for the prestigious position. Among the notable entrants is Sulaiman Tejan-Bajan Sie, a revered figure with almost four decades of legal expertise.

During the Bar's standard-setting ceremony, the Chairman of the General Legal Council emphasized the imperative of unity guided by professionalism, integrity, and equity.

At her official declaration, held during an opulent late-evening affair at the esteemed new Brookfields Hotel, Tuma Adama Jabbie presented her manifesto. This manifesto outlined a vision characterized by partnership, transformation, and empowerment

Jabbie, renowned for her proficiency in tax and revenue law, endeavors to elevate the Bar to its rightful place through collaborative efforts.

Jabbie's campaign, anchored by the mantra "Raising the Bar," introduces an intriguing acronym that symbolizes her commitment to enhancing the standards within the legal fraternity.


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