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Unity Party and APC say they do not agree to ban street rallies

The Unity Party and the All People’s Congress Party have both debunked the Political Parties Regulation Commission’s assertion that they have conceded to ban rallies during political campaign season leading up to the 2023 Presidential elections.

In a short Interview, the leader of the Unity Party Madam Femi Claudius Cole informed this medium that she was not informed via any means or in any capacity and was therefore not represented.

She referred to the idea as a "stupid excuse having no bearing on violence happening or result of elections" and furthered that the notion to ban brings up questions as to why now after years of the norm.

She stated that the idea only points to police inefficiency to man a process that occurs once every electioneering period spanning over a short period and properly planned given the ballot for days and districts.

Secretary General of the All People’s Congress Party Lawyer Lansana Dumbuya when contacted denied their agreeing to not rally. According to him, he and other members were present and raised concerns that putting a ban will erode on people’s human and constitutional rights and guaranteed that their party will monitor happenings to curtail violence, which was the main reason given for the ban.

He went on to say the ban could be a recipe for violence for members traveling to designated rally areas, who might have amassed a crowd whilst traveling and that might incur actions from the police.

He concluded that the Chairman had directed them to dialogue with the Sierra Leone People’s party who had also raised concerns and they being a major political party but that the meeting has not been scheduled by the Chairman.

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