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5th National Spelling Bee Competition coined to combat on Underage Drinking

The Spelling Bee Foundation Sierra Leone has concluded its orientation for the 5th National Spelling Bee competition held at the esteemed View Auditorium on the 15th floor of the City Council Building. The event's central theme, "Zero Tolerance for Underage Drinking: Let's Keep Alcohol Out of the Hands of Minors," echoed strongly throughout the gathering.

In an interview, Mohamed Cassius Kamanda, the Founder and Executive Director of the Spelling Foundation Sierra Leone, underlined the organization's dedication to enhancing the academic skills of participants. He stressed that the 5th edition remained true to the Foundation's commitment to academic excellence.

Foday Daboh, the Corporate Affairs Manager of Sierra Leone Brewery Limited, delivered a poignant address as the guest speaker at the event. Sharing his personal affinity for spelling bees since childhood, Daboh vehemently denounced underage drinking. He highlighted the detrimental effects of alcohol consumption on the future prospects of Sierra Leone's youth, reinforcing the brewery's firm opposition to such behaviors.

Gratitude was expressed by representatives from various sponsors, including UBA, for their involvement in this educational endeavor aimed at nurturing young talents. 

Over the years, the Spelling Bee Foundation has consistently made a positive impact on numerous children, contributing significantly to the betterment of society as a whole.


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