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Narnia’s effort on nurturing careers and opportunities

In an interview, Ms. Ariana Oluwole, the Founder and Proprietress of the Narnia Educational Group, elucidated her ardent dedication to the holistic development of children and expressed her profound concern regarding the customary societal expectations placed upon families in shaping a child's growth.

Ms. Oluwole emphasized that the Narnia Educational Group, established in 2013, is committed to empowering children by nurturing their innate abilities and unlocking their true potential. The group operates a comprehensive educational institution, encompassing both a traditional school and a specialized consultancy firm. The latter arm of the organization spearheads various initiatives, including the esteemed Kiddies' Career Day Fair, which is designed to cultivate and celebrate children's talents from a tender age, thereby facilitating the discovery of their inherent strengths.

Moreover, Ms. Oluwole expounded upon the group's overarching mission with the annual career day event. She underscored the imperative need to challenge prevailing misconceptions and biases associated with certain professions and their perceived importance. The fair seeks to highlight the intrinsic value of all professions and instills this principle of equality among parents, children, and facilitators alike.

Ms. Oluwole eloquently addressed the societal pressure often exerted upon children to pursue conventional white-collar careers at the expense of other equally significant vocations. She emphasized the rapidly evolving global landscape, wherein every profession holds immense value and relevance, encompassing fields such as nursing, medicine, and law.

Furthermore, Ms. Oluwole shed light on the Narnia Educational Group's strategic collaborations with schools, government entities, and other esteemed institutions. She highlighted the significance of this year's theme, "Fostering Safe Learning Spaces in Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics (STEM) and Renewable Energy." The rationale behind choosing renewable energy as a focal point was elucidated, given the substantial challenges faced by Sierra Leone in the realms of energy and waste management. Ms. Oluwole passionately encouraged children to cultivate an abiding interest in this field, thereby contributing to the nation's sustainability and overall development.

In conclusion, Ms. Oluwole expressed her ardent hope that this year's Kiddies' Career Day Fair, the third iteration of its kind, would catalyze a positive and enduring shift in the mindsets of both children and parents. The fair features a diverse array of exhibition booths, providing a platform for children to showcase their talents and profound knowledge in the realms of STEM. Ms. Oluwole firmly believes that this initiative has the potential to foster a more inclusive and enlightened society, where children are empowered to pursue their passions and aspirations, irrespective of societal stereotypes and preconceived notions.


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