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Hon. Mohamed Bangura Rescinds Decision to Pursue Legal Action Against Speaker of Parliament

The Former Leader of the Opposition, the Honorable Mohamed Bangura, has withdrawn his decision to seek legal redress against the Speaker of the Parliament of Sierra Leone, the Honorable Abass Bundu. This declaration was made during a radio interview on Radio Democracy 98.1, which delved into the evolving story surrounding utterances made against Speaker Bundu following his alleged removal as a representative of Sierra Leone in the ECOWAS Parliament.

The issue arose when the Speaker was expected to announce the names of the delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament but discovered that five legislators had already subscribed to the oath at the Community Parliament prior to the announcement. This list was not announced or confirmed by the plenary, resulting in the removal of the Honorable Mohamed Bangura from the delegation.

The Honorable Bangura had initially expressed his intention to pursue legal action against the Speaker and the Acting Clerk of Parliament if appropriate measures were not taken to include him on the ECOWAS representative list. However, he has since reversed his decision and opted to accept the decision and leave the matter to divine intervention, stating;

"I leave everything in the hands of God."

The Honorable Dr. Chernor Abass Bundu, Speaker of the Sixth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone, whilst speaking to our reliable source, expressed profound concern over the inaccuracies and sensationalism present in an article published in a media outlet with the headline "Angel Nor Dea Fityai God... Speaker Disgraces Mohamed Bangura."

He emphasized that he neither disgraced nor intended to disgrace the individual in question and that the language attributed to him was "grossly unwarranted and unworthy of the true situation." 

The Speaker concluded with an appeal to media outlets to exercise greater responsibility and ethical conduct in their reporting, ensuring that the dissemination of information is based on facts and devoid of malicious intent.


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