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Ministry of Sports and Partners Celebrate International Day of Sports

On the occasion of the International Day of Sports for Development and Peace 2024, the Ministry of Sports and its esteemed partners convened a significant gathering at the Africell Beach Zone on Lumley Beach in Freetown, Sierra Leone. The assembly brought together influential stakeholders from the domain of sports and diverse societal sectors.

The event's opening address was graced by the presence of the esteemed Minister of Sports, Augusta James Teima. In her profound and insightful remarks, the Minister emphasized the paramount importance of the occasion. Minister Teima eloquently highlighted the transformative potential of sports as a potent instrument for societal progress and the eradication of pernicious social challenges.

With a sense of urgency and deep concern, the Minister implored the distinguished attendees to actively champion the cause of sports promotion. She vigorously denounced the alarming proliferation of harmful substances, particularly kush, which has had a detrimental impact on the youth of Sierra Leone.

Subsequently, the distinguished President of the National Olympic Committee of Sierra Leone (NOC-SLE), Prince Sualley, took the stage. In his eloquent address, President Sualley emphasized the inspirational and unifying power of sports. He astutely observed that sports transcend cultural boundaries and have an inherent capacity to transform individuals and communities.

President Sualley stressed the importance of harnessing the transformative influence of sports in Sierra Leone. He envisioned a future where sports continue to dismantle barriers, foster teamwork, and engage communities in meaningful ways. He highlighted NOC-SLE's unwavering commitment to athlete development and women's empowerment, underscoring their belief in the transformative potential of sports.

With a profound sense of aspiration, the Ministry of Sports and its esteemed partners expressed their unwavering commitment to utilizing the theme "Sport for the Promotion of Peace and Inclusive Society" as a guiding principle. They pledged to harness the power of sports to advance Sierra Leone's present-day societal fabric, fostering unity, understanding, and a more inclusive society for all.


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